Colds and flu .. The fastest way to treat them from your kitchen

Cold and flu are annoying diseases that cause concern for most family members in the home. As for the patient suffering from the symptoms and pain caused by them, there is a state of anxiety and fear of the infection that controls the rest of the family .. In this report the best way to get rid of colds and flu In record time

Ventilation of the lungs

To prevent the development of cold diseases to bronchitis or pneumonia, the lungs must be ventilated intensively by blowing the balloons, or allowing paper to become a ball and put it on the table and move it by blowing (this is useful for children). This process improves mood and helps get rid of the disease quickly.

2. Breathing over steam

Hot bath or water vapor helps in the rapid disposal of cold diseases at home. Because viruses are very sensitive to high temperature. So the existing nasal cavity can be quickly eliminated. This can be done by breathing hot steam.">

3 – moisturizing the air">

Air humidifiers are currently used in the rooms of the house. This process prevents the blocked nose and makes the nasal cavity wet. These devices need to be cleaned periodically to prevent the proliferation of bacteria in them.

4 – Wash the nose and mouth saline solution

Hot saline solution (one-third of a tablespoon of salt in a hot water bowl) is used to treat redness of the larynx, clean the nasal cavity and then work 5-6 times gargling a day.

5 – taking vitamin С

Vitamin C-rich fruits and vegetables help boost the immune function of the body, thanks to improved white blood cells that attack viruses.

Foods rich in Vitamin S are garlic, mint, substances containing zinc, lemon, oranges, grapefruit, celery, parsley and cauliflower.

6. Drink chicken broth

Scientists have proven the effectiveness of chicken broth in the treatment of cold diseases. Scientists from Germany have tested the effectiveness of 13 types of chicken broth, all of which have proven good anti-inflammatory properties, reducing clogged nose and sore throat.

7. Popular medicine

Honey is considered one of the methods used in the treatment of cold and flu diseases. It increases the body’s protective abilities against external stimuli. It is enough to feel pain in the throat or throat. Place a teaspoon of honey with a wax in the mouth and slowly absorb it until wax remains.


8 – volatile essential oils

According to statistics, people who regularly eat garlic, onions, hot perspiration and radishes are less likely to have colds because they contain natural antibiotics and protect our body from viruses and bacteria.

Of course, some can not smell onions and garlic, so they have to use the volatile oils of these materials, where they have to make these materials in the form of porridge and put in a vase with a cover and then between time and time breathe these smells.

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