A definitive way to clean the colon. and the treatment of gases and bloating in 3 days


An important blend to clean the colon of the so-called ﴿ db ﴾:
It is a relic residue that has not come out for years from the body, and some people remain in their bodies for 20 years unfortunately and cause flatulence and chronic constipation gases, and sometimes cause dark spots in the face can not be eliminated by melasma creams and dermatological treatments, because they reflect the colon of the residue and arises in the colon Because of the abundance of white flour, starch and pastries, where sticky waste is formed that sticks to the wall of the intestine and descend around the normal wastes, and does not come out but increases with the years and constitutes a lot of diseases in the body because of the retention of these toxins.
Follow us to find out the ingredients of the magical blend of colon cleansing:
Spoon eat from the following:
• Flax Seed
• Mustard Seed
• Rashad Seed
• cumin
• Forgetting
• Fennel • Chamomile
• Violet Flowers
• Melissa
• Pomegranate Peel Preparation method:-

Mix well all unground except crushed pomegranate peel, put one tablespoon of the mixture in a large cup and pour boiling water at night and cover to dawn, drink after Fajr prayer on the stomach and do not drink anything for an hour only, and then breakfast normally.
Those who drink this mixture will notice that after the afternoon, exotic and dry leaves will come out, as if they were stones and have a very bad smell.
He continues to take the mixture seven consecutive days from his kidneys intact and no problems.
Very important:-The weak college owners are enough for three days.
And mostly after six days we notice that the exit of such waste is stopped and the output becomes normal
and praise God begin to feel the light of the abdomen and smaller its size often
If the person has any kind of spiritual disease, eye or magic McCall, it is advisable to read in dry seeds or add to a cup of herbs when drinking a little bit of water read it helps to remove the magic, if any.
Note: The mixture is laxative and does not cause any diarrhea at all.

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