How to keep your teeth from decay ?


Taking care of dental hygiene and oral hygiene helps maintain overall health of the body.

To this end, we must take into account daily dental protection rules:

– Cleaning teeth twice a day

This is an important rule, but many ignore it. The cleaning process should continue every two minutes, morning and evening.">

– Do not over-clean the teeth">

If a person cleans his teeth more than twice a day, or deep cleans them for 5-8 minutes, this will damage the tooth enamel layer that protects them. Therefore, when using an electric toothbrush, it is recommended not to press firmly on the teeth.

– Use the brush and thread

Doctors emphasize the importance of cleaning teeth using the thread and brush regardless of the order and sequence.

– Stay away from soft drinks

Soft drinks cause great damage to the teeth, because they contain acid that causes erosion of the tooth enamel, leading to decay and damage to the roots.

– Dentist review

It is necessary to check with your dentist periodically.

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